Time Slice: UConn National Commercial

Time Slice: UConn National Commercial

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Clients:University of Connecticut
Location:Storrs, CT
Date:Summer 2013
Team:UConn Digital Media and Design
Role:Associate Producer
Tech:Time Slice, Video Editing

To tell the story of what makes the UConn experience unique, we froze moments in time and shared them in a nationally broadcasted commercial. This was done using a method of filming called “Time Slice” where any instant could be held and re-framed, giving the effect of moving through a world where time had stopped.

We developed our own system and workflow to capture and utilize the footage from 24 GoPro cameras, each recording full HD video. In post, we were able to select a split-second and change the angle, highlighting moments epitomizing UConn brand.

The Prompt

The Process

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